Yards, Shops, and Machines

Di Highway Sign and Structure has been a leading supplier in the northeast heavy highway construction sector for over twenty years. Location, size, and manufacturing equipment are a few reasons for our success. In our shops you will find CNC machines, heavy load capacity cranes, numerous saw lines, press breaks, shearing machines, welding lines, portable welders, drilling lines, plasma cutting machines, and an arsenal of fork lifts big and small. Read on below for a short highlight of some of our capabilities.

CNC Machines

Di Highway is continuing to keep up with technology with its CNC machines. The new one in the picture is the VF-8. The haas VF-8 is capable of taking on most of the steel industries jobs, big or small. It's equipped with a 30 horsepower motor and a two speed gearbox allowing it to create 340 ft-lbs of torque at 700 RPMs and reach spindle speeds up to 7500 RPMs. The Haas's table has a travel distance of 64 inches on the x-axis and 40 inches on the y-axis along with table capacity of 4000 pounds. Its equipped with a high speed automatic turret style tool changer that holds 30 tools and with possible feed rates up to 500 inches per minute, a 95 gallon coolant reservoir, and a 300 PSI through spindle coolant system we are able to make parts faster and more efficient.

Large Yard Areas

Di Highway Sign and Structure sits on over 6 acres of property in New York Mills, NY. Having large and open yards allows us to accomplish many things. We have the ability to receive and stock large quantities of raw materials for fast production. We can stock finished product standard to New York State specifications for rush deliveries. We also have the ability to stage multiple pick ups and deliveries at the same time making shipping more efficient. We believe our large yards and central location gives us an advantage over our competitors.

Shop Floor Space

At Di Highway Sign and Structure we have 34,400 square feet of shop floor space in two different locations on our property.

Vertical Band Saw

The V-18 Saw is a vertical band saw with the cutting capacity of 20" X 18". In addition to having the ability to cut vertically, it can also cut up to 45 degrees in both directions. This saw runs on a 7.5 HP motor.

Hydraulic Band Saw

The H20 Saw is a heavy duty hydraulic band saw that has the capability of cutting up to a 20" diameter. This machine has bundling clamps giving it the ability to cut multiple pieces of material. It also has a feed system integrated into it.

Piranha Ironworker

The Piranha Ironworker is a versatile machine that has the ability to punch and shear steel material. A stroke length of over 5" allows this machine to punch up to 1.5" thick steel or shear up to 1" thick steel.

Koike Aronson Burning Table

The Millenium Series Burning Table is a plasma cutting machine that also has the ability to run on oxy-fuel. This machine is fully automated only needing one operator. The burning table has the ability to cut up to a 12 foot width with up to 8 tools working at once.

Ocean Avenger Drill Line

The Ocean Avenger is a fully automated drill line giving us the capability of precision drilling with no human error. It has the ability to drill many types of steel shapes providing us with versatility as well. It has a maximum drill diameter of 2".

Marvel Band Saw

The Marvel Saw is a large band saw with the cutting capacity of 21" X 22.5". It has a blade cutting speed of up to 400 FPM along with the ability to cut material up to a 45 degree angle in either direction. It also has a feeding mechanism that can move up to 350 pounds of steel material.